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Vacuum Excavation Equipment Rentals In OK and TX

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Ditch Witch HX30

Vactron LP573XDT Vacuum Excavator

Trailer mounted
37 hp
Vacuum Pump
1,000 cfm

If your company works in the thriving oil and gas industry in Oklahoma and West Texas, vacuum excavation equipment likely plays a prominent role in your operations. The Warren CAT Rental Store can provide a high-performing vacuum excavation equipment rental that will help you complete projects more efficiently.

This robust machinery can perform several essential tasks at your job sites. Use it to make holes when locating underground utility piping or cleaning up horizontal directional drilling slurry. It can also remove roots, waste and debris from storm drains and assist in cold weather digging applications. Construction companies use vacuum excavators for debris removal, while landscaping businesses apply them when digging holes for planting and fencing.

Why Rent Vacuum Excavators?

Vacuum excavators are effective at cleaning industrial plants, shaping golf courses, landscaping, installing fences and performing sewer and drainage work, but only if you have access to one. Your budget may not allow for a vacuum excavator as a permanent addition to your equipment inventory, or you might not want to have the financial outlay for a vacuum excavator when you need it infrequently for select projects.

With our expansive inventory, flexible budget-friendly terms and expert service, you can count on getting a vacuum excavator rental from the Warren CAT Rental Store that will boost productivity and exceed your expectations. They are also towable or can be delivered.

High-Quality Vacuum Excavator Rentals

We feature hydro excavation equipment rentals that combine a powerful vacuum with high-pressure water, making them a practical and safe choice for locating underground utilities without piercing pipes or other vital components. These machines can cut through any soil type for maximum efficiency.

Our vacuum excavator rental lineup includes top-performing machines like the HX30. This unbeatable combination of power and efficiency ensures the excavator provides excellent value.

Why Choose Us for a Vacuum Excavator?

With a Warren CAT vacuum excavator rental, you'll get all the benefits of having a vacuum excavator at your disposal without the costs of ownership, storage or maintenance. Renting also provides convenience — you can pick up a machine whenever the need arises, such as when you require a temporary replacement or additional units to handle an increase in demand.

We support the equipment we sell and rent with top-notch service. Our team will help you select the right machine for your needs and budget, ensuring successful outcomes at your job sites. We also eliminate concerns about lost productivity due to our rapid-response repair service that will keep your equipment in peak condition. We're available to assist you if you have questions or concerns.  We will help provide a solution to help your business when your machine is under maintenance.

Get a Vacuum Excavator Rental Quote Today

Are you ready to add a vacuum excavator rental from the Warren CAT Rental Store to your equipment fleet? We make the process as fast and hassle-free as possible to save time and get your equipment to the job site sooner. Take the next step: contact us for more information and a quick, no-obligation quote today.