Cat® Landscaping Equipment For Sale

Landscaping is a profession requiring fast solutions for your customers. We know your customers don’t want to wait months – or even weeks – for you to complete a project. So what’s your best bet? Rely on Warren CAT for your Cat landscaping equipment to keep your business operations efficient and precise. As an authorized Cat dealership, Warren CAT delivers durable and dependable technology covering a range of landscaping jobs like irrigation, tree installation, design and build, soil preparation, nurseries and others like snow removal.

The versatility of Cat machines equip you to tackle diverse applications throughout different seasons. Contact us online for additional information or call a sales rep at 866-292-7736 to learn about our equipment solutions.

Partnering With Warren CAT Benefits Your Landscaping Business

We work hard to help you find and select a long-term piece of equipment, and then build a relationship with you even after the point of purchase. We can deliver new landscaping machines and a wide variety of attachments that you can depend on every day. Whether your main business occurs in the spring and summer or winter and fall, our engines will help you craft beautiful, functional and safe areas for public and residential spaces.

Trusting Warren CAT for your landscaping machines also means keeping downtime to a minimum while increasing your bottom line. It’s all about starting one project and moving on to the next, and you can do so by investing in a new Cat backhoe, wheel loader or skid steer. You don’t have time to waste! Balancing several crews and contracts at a time means you need a reliable machines to support your efficiency.

Partner with our professional to meet your specific landscaping needs and count on Warren CAT for the highest levels of performance from equipment that will meet or exceed your expectations and deadlines.

Our Inventory of Landscaping Equipment

Your landscaping business can depend on Cat for high-quality engines and modern technology to suit your range of needs. Our equipment has unique features like ride control, return to dig, dual self-level and creep control with the ability to perform tasks at a quicker rate and with greater precision.

  • Backhoe loaders: With a double feature of a backhoe and loader, you can use the equipment to excavate and carry loose materials.
  • Compact track loaders: Use a compact track loader for operations such as grading, digging, loading and transporting materials like mulch, dirt and rocks. The machines are also ideal for more supple ground.
  • Multi-terrain loaders: As a track-based engine, a multi-terrain loader is perfect for landscaping because you can traverse through difficult surfaces, dig and transport dirt.
  • Skid steer loaders: Skid steers perform the same tasks as a compact loader but are more versatile because you can implement different attachments for further flexibility.
  • Wheel loaders: Whether you need to dig, load, grade or carry, a wheel loader has pallet forks to adjust to changing attachments.

Relying on Cat Is the Best Decision

Caterpillar remains committed to the continuous improvement of their machines to better facilitate the landscaping industry as well as others. You can excavate, compact or plant as well as clear brush, move dirt or get rid of snow. If you want to add more value and versatility to your fleet, introduce attachments. Cat engineers solutions to boost uptime, and Warren CAT, your Cat dealership, will help you find what you need while our experts back each piece of machinery with industry-leading support. Visit one of our locations in West Texas or the state of Oklahoma to see our landscape equipment inventory.

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